Sunday, August 9, 2009


I am sure that every successful shop has a key player...this is ours.. Matilda's dad..Keith. He certainly fills the shoes for the most amazing key person at Matildas!! I can not tell you how many times before a show you hear, "Keith" can you fix this, can you hang this from the 25 ft. ceiling, or how do I secure this...and on and on..I have never heard him say something couldn't be done and believe me we all come up with some real doosies! Besides fixing and repairing, he does all that computer "stuff" for Matilda, you know all that behind the scenes stuff.....So thanks,'re amazing!



He sounds like a 'keeper' to me!! Do you rent him out?? Loving all your wonderful pictures. Wished I lived closer.... Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. All the items in the pictures are from my building at Canton. Wish I had time during the show to get out and take pictures of other booths.

The Green Pea said...

Keith is a handy guy to have around. His great talents and very helpful when you are buying old things. They usually need some tender love and care to reuse them again....Thanks for guys like Keith. Sandi