Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I believe part of the reward of this business is GOING SHOPPING!! I do believe. I do believe!  So in the true spirit of “business” we’re off on another buying trip.  Honestly, our show was so success that almost all the “smalls” purchased in Warrenton, Marburger and Round Top are gone and many of the “bigs” are too….

Now, I’m not complaining one bit, a girl’s gotta do what a girls gotta do, right? So tomorrow morning we’re off in the truck once again…shhh it’s a secret where we’re going..but I’ll let you in when we get back on Tuesday, deal?

Until then, I’m still trying to catch up on all the fun you guys have been having while I took my blogging “break”, so I’ll have the ‘ol lap-top so I can keep on eye on you…..he he


So, See YA real Soon!!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Whoa Momma!

It’s Sunday evening and we just finished our three day Mother’s Day Event at Matilda’s.  I have to say it was absolutely one of our best shows!  Our customers were lined up Friday morning and not a parking spot was to be found by 11:00…Thank you!!!  Keith took lots of wonderful pictures and Matilda will be posting them soon, so for now I will just show you my space.


This great cupboard is about 9 feet tall and is one that I brought back from Texas.  It came out of an old home in Pennsylvania.  The urn and pillar (a  pair of each) also came trucking home with us.


It seemed like every where we went in Warrenton, Marburger and Round Top, this beautiful color of aqua kept showing up ..When I saw this amazing Madonna and Child I had to have her.  The ceiling tile behind her is a convex shape with a cross in the top center. 


More of that great color!


Love these old gazing balls!!


Again, in so many of the vignettes in Texas, not only were there splashes of greens and blues, but Frenchy foo, foo mixed with industrial…love it!  I brought back these French chairs and the sweet gold one in the background.


Another glimpse of the entrance to my area.


I found a pair of these wonderful half columns from a church in Louisiana.


This is a great old rusty medical cabinet with that wonderful old 1940’s cotillion dress.


I’m sorry this picture is a little blurry…that was me, not my camera!  I just had to show you the fantastic 7 foot farm table that I purchased at Blue Hill.  Then this wonderful cupboard from Mandy at Marburger….man did we have fun!!


One of my favorite finds was this concrete Madonna and the Victorian clock case.  One may just have to find it’s way home with me…..

Well, it’s been a long week end, gals, but I am closing knowing how truly blessed by our customers  we are at Matildas ….Again thank you!!  I know I haven’t been out there in blogland, commenting a lot lately, but I am trying to slowly catch up on everyone…I’ve missed you!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Swing into Spring

   Since I am not quite ready to show pictures of  the great treasurers we all got in Texas ( most of them are being vignetted for this month’s  Matilda’s Mouse show on April 23,24,25)  I thought I would get back into the “swing” of blogging by sharing some pictures from our March Spring show that I was able to recover from my computer. 


I just love using old statues in my decorating.  This one was an especially sweet one.


Another great old statue/lamp.  See the “lamp shade”?  It’s actually an old square wire basket from a store, huh?


I found and old iron crib and used it as a day bed for displaying some of my pillows.  See the cream colored one in front in the center  left?  Well, it was from a vintage wedding gown!


This is the vanity I brought back from my trip to Phoenix.  I slip covered and older ottoman with a new French Script fabric (this one is cream with brown scripting) On the ottoman is another cream colored pillow that I made from a 1920’s wedding dress.  The ruffles on it were just amazing!


I had fun with this great old double-pained window…but boy was it a chore to get up on that table!!


These old screen doors are a favorite of mine.  I got them from an old estate in La Jolla.  On this old park bench are a few pillows from my Spring line.


Nothing better that Johnnie Jump-ups in and old whiteware dish for Spring decorating!

Well, that’s about it for now, but stay tuned as I will be taking some pictures at the barn and posting what I can in the next few days.  Happy Sunday!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Hey everyone!

I'm still kicking, believe it or not!! Life has been quite crazy for me lately. I will say that I am fine and thank you everyone who has emailed me to make sure!! Honestly, I am peddling as fast as I can...seems to be all uphill lately.

First it was my slooooooooooow internet. Then the computer I use with all my pics etc. CRASHED!!

So, between really big and successful shows at Matildas monthly, taking care of baby Brooklyn, the heading off to WARRENTON, I feel as if I am on a wonderful crazy treadmill.

Marla, Karen and I left for Texas opening day at Matildas (after the morning rush.) We flew into San Antonio, rented a car and drove to our hotel close to La Grange.

We shopped endlessly for 5 days!! We went to the blog party at Theresa's of Garen Antiques Vintage, where we met so many of the wonderful bloggers......just not nearly enough time to chat though!! Heather Bullard met us there and she became our fourth roomie.

On Monday evening we had a fabulous dinner at Royers and were joined by Deb of Curious Sofa and Carol of Raised in Cotton. A wonderful night!

On Tuesday morning we were off to Marburger. We even got in early for a sneek preview...thank you Heather! All I can say is WOW what vignettes everywhere you turned.

Tuesday night Keith (Marla's husband) and of course Matilda came to Warrenton. They left San Diego right after our show on Sunday and drove a truck and trailer to Texas...So of course we did our part in filling it!!!

Wednesday, after loading all our wonderful finds, we said our goodbyes to, Heather, who was off to Austin, to, Keith, who was off to Knoxville, and Karen flew back to San Diego. Marla and I drove to San Antonio for a two day stay with her daughter. Keith arrived back in San Antonio on Friday and we drove straight through to Phoenix...WHEW!!

Keith and Marla stayed at their daughter's home in Phoenix and my daughter came and picked me up for a short stay with her....then we were off by 6:30 Easter morning, headed for home...Ah... Home a most welcome sight ......

So, my dear friends that gives you an idea of the craziness of late...And, now, I have a week from this Friday to clean, paint, fix, unwrap, price, and oh, yeh, decorate for the next Matilda's show....Yikes!! say Pictures?@#$#@@***. Every single picture I took at Warrenton and surrounding areas came out blurry!!! Can you frickin believe it?! That camera's going in the toilet!

There are so many pictures out there right now that even if mine did turn out they would be repetitious.

Stay tuned for some fabulous shots of the wonderful treasures we packed into the truck and trailer...We done good!

Take Care and thank you for all you kind words during my time of being a not so great blogger!!