Saturday, August 29, 2009


Happy White Wednesday...(I published this post a couple of days ago, but I will be gone most of the day on Wednesday so I wanted to get this out.... '!) Today I thought I would show some of the whiteware that I have been collecting over the past couple of years. I have it in a wonderful primitive blue cabinet that I acquired a few years back. It makes me happy every time I walk into my kitchen. The birdhouse on top of this cabinet was a gift from my daughter about 5 years ago. It was made by a wonderful gentleman that was 95 at the time. He has since passed, but I enjoy it every day. I hope you all have a wonderful day, and now I'm off to see the wonderful treasures posted by the very creative women of White Wednesday.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


There's nothing like a day of shopping in some of my local haunts to get my junkin' juices going after an exhausting show!! I had a great day and here are some of my most recent treasures. I also got two fabulous pillars 9 and 7 ft, but they're already at home at the barn. I found a darling little glass door's red but with a new coat of paint...probably white I will love it even more! The chandelier was a steal at 75% off! There are a few crystals missing, but I never let that bother me. I love this white German bowl...I usually find the ones with flowers on them. I love how this one is plain. The white dishes are from England.. They have such sweet embossed roses around the parimeter. And the chair! Oh I really love this chair all white and rusty. I am so tempted to find a place in my wait I suppose to be shopping for the next Matilda's show (Sept 18,19,20) . Hope all of you are having success finding treasures. Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I love the feel of the garden being brought inside my home. I love this chippy child's cast iron chair next to the bird bath that I had my husband bring in from my garden. He was so reluctant, but later admitted that he was pleased with how the area looked. As I was taking pictures for this post I looked out my front yard, only to see that the geese from my pond had escaped and were in my front yard eating my overgrown grass! We call them Frick and Frack. At one time we had five, but the coyotes...well you know...It's not uncommon to see them tagging behind my golden retriever, in hopes that she will drop her morning treat for them. I hope you all have a great White Wednesday...I'm off to look at all the inspiring pictures...then off for a good rest...I'm rather pooped after this last show...thank you so much for coming by, I really do appreciate it!

Monday, August 24, 2009


I realize you guys that these three pictures may very well be my worst as far a clarity, but they are by far some of my most prized !(I took pictures of my pictures) Anyway. The very last picture is on of my husband's father, he was born on August 24, 1923. The next picture is of my mother and father...they were married on August 24 1943. And the first picture is of my son and his wife. Dave was born on August 24, 1976 (Happy birthday, son)... Wait...there's more...on October 15, 1966 my husband's father passed away, on October 15, 1996, my father passed away. And on October 15 2009 Dave and Linda's new baby is due. Today is an amazingly wonderful, yet emotional day! God's plan is in motion every signal day of our lives!
Sorry for the decorating break as I know that's what you all enjoy, but for myself I wanted this day journal ed...thanks for listening.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Wow, what a wonderful show we had today...but we were all hoppin'!! We even had some additional people who helped with the sale outside..Thanks to all of you! Here are some of the vignettes inside the barn and the last picture is the outside before it got crazy!! Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy!

This is before the gates opened this morning...whew...there was a lot, I mean a lot of stuff...Sorry there was so much bedlam that I didn't get a chance to later take a pic to to show you the crowds...but they were there!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Well, here we are for another terrific White Wednesday. Today I am showing some preview pictures of my area at Matiladas Mouse. Our sale starts this Friday and goes through Sunday...I guess I had the wrong's Aug 21, 22, 23. Anyway we are also having our annual good old fashion tag sale/flea mart. Lots and lots and lots of great buys here!! I'm off to go visit all the other gals for White Wednesday. I may not make it to all of you today, but I will in the next couple of days..things are movin' fast for me here. Have a great day!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Today I was cleaning my house and it dawned on me that not only to I seem to have an obsession with statues, but with cloches too!! So here is a sample of some of my favorite cloches. I hesitate to show them all, cause then you'll know I am crazy or at least obsessive.

This is a close-up of the wedding cake topper that I showed on White Wednesday. It was my mother and fathers from their wedding cake. The bride and groom in the back ground is my grandmother and grandfather.

This wonderful large cloche holds my fourth great aunt's wedding gloves and a pin that went on her of my favorite keepsakes.

This is a cloche inside a cloche..The smaller one holds my 5th great grandmother's watch. Family baby shoes and some old millinery flowers.

Statue of St Ann

A Statue of St. Theresa

This is a chalkware of boy Jesus and a lamb that I picked up on one of my buying trips in Minnesota a couple of years ago.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Saturday we had a wonderful shower for my daughter-in-law, Linda. She and my son Dave are expecting their first in mid October. It was such a beautiful warm day with ever so light ocean breeze! Linda's grandmother has a beautiful home that she hosted the party at. They got such wonderful gifts for the new little baby girl!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I seem to be a little more home bound than usual these days, as I have a number of projects I am "trying" to complete at the house. Therefore, I am afraid you are gonna see yet more pictures of my house for White Wednesday...I promise to change the venue next week by showing you pictures of Matildas Mouse next show...Aug 22, 23, 24. We are actually having our annual "Dot" sale and Flea you can see it is double duty for me this month!

Anywhoo...The first picture is a little china cabinet I purchased years ago at the very first antique shop I rented space at. I don't know if you can see, but inside on the middle shelf is a dome. Inside the dome is my Mom and Dad's wedding cake topper! They would have been married 66 years this year. The whole topper is a sugar based one. I am amazed that it has lasted and once more that my Mom had the foresight to place it under a dome! I call this cabinet my family cabinet, because everything inside is a family heirloom that I have been blessed to watch over for our next generations.

The next two pictures are of my living room. It is a very open room. Bob and I spend time here in the morning drinking our Payne-Mason Coffee .

Lastly, the large cloche has a Madonna and child statue (see Another, statue!!) I found her when I was doing genealogy, and of course shopping, in Kentucky a few years ago. She is cracked, chipped, broken in places, but I just love her. You probably can't see, (I am trying to perfect my photography), but next to her is a tiny relic from St. Theresa. The crown on the Madonna's head was made by Lenea, a very tanlented gal that helps Marla out at Matilda's Mouse. She is a full time, straight A, nursing student, who manages to help us ever so much!

Well, I'm done here folks, so I'm off to see all the wonderful pictures that have been posted for WHITE WEDNESDAY. For those of you who haven't checked out the wonderful inspirational pictures posted by so many talented women go to ! Thank you again Kathleen for hosting such a wonderful weekly blog event! One other note,... since I maybe still have your attention...Matilda's Mouse is being featured in Today's Vintage Living Magazine http://todaysvintageliving/ it's a nice feature article on http://matildasmouse/. Thanks for coming by..See Ya soon!

Monday, August 10, 2009


I have really never loved or even enjoyed cooking. Of course when my children were home I made very balanced meals every day, but now that my kids are all grown, I get to do what I don't love..and that's not cook. Soooo, who cooks, my hubby of course! Cooking is actually very therapeutic for! And he's a gourmet cook at that. Now mind you we don't eat gourmet every night, because he sometimes has late or dinner meetings. So what's a girl to do..well there's always tuna fish and we do live on an avocado ranch...believe me I'm not starving....Anyway after my mother died (she had alzheimer's and lived with us)we sold our large home and decided to downsize. I loved everything about this house (newer home with antique doors and windows from England, hardwood floors, lots of charm...) BUT I didn't love love the kitchen...BUT hubby did. The cobalt blue threw me off a little (my last kitchen was white, of course) Now that we've been here about 6 1/2 years, the blue is actually fun and a nice break from all my white. I wanted to of course paint the cabinets white...then I got the "Who's kitchen is this anyway" "Back away from the kitchen!" (grin) The oil painting was another birthday gift (a number of years ago) from my husband. When we first moved back to Carlsbad, Calif. from Arizona we rented a home for about 1 year. Long enough for me to love living by the ocean. Then we purchased a home in the country and I was very sad to leave the beach, so hubby had a local artist paint the famous Carlsbad Inn as a present to me. That's it. That's my story for off to do more painting and repairing for the next show at Matildas on Aug 22, 23, 24. If you get a chance you can read the wonderful article that Today's Vintage Living did on at Have a great day! Gosh I am so sorry..that first pic is so blurry...well whatda ya want , steady hand or steady mind...A photographer I am not...guess I still have a few things to learn HA!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I am sure that every successful shop has a key player...this is ours.. Matilda's dad..Keith. He certainly fills the shoes for the most amazing key person at Matildas!! I can not tell you how many times before a show you hear, "Keith" can you fix this, can you hang this from the 25 ft. ceiling, or how do I secure this...and on and on..I have never heard him say something couldn't be done and believe me we all come up with some real doosies! Besides fixing and repairing, he does all that computer "stuff" for Matilda, you know all that behind the scenes stuff.....So thanks,'re amazing!

Friday, August 7, 2009


I want to share a picture of this wonderful statue that I received for my birthday from a very dear friend. I've not ever seen this particular statue before. And we all know I have a number of them! The women is holding a cherub by the wing and combing her sweet!! The planter next to her has wonderful birds on it and was also a gift. How blessed am I! That's about it for today as I have a lot of painting and repairing to do before the next show...Aug 22, 23, 24.
OH! I almost forgot. Matildas Mouse is being featured in Today's Vintage Living Magazine this month! They did a very nice article on the shop.
See you soon!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


WOW! That was the longest week and a half EVER!! We'll keep our fingers crossed that I'm fixed good as new...First thing first. This is for BABY BELLA. I am so very sorry that I missed you wonderful baby shower! I was so disappointed that I did...BUT Baby this is for you...
Thank you ALL so much for sending me emails, thinking that it was just problems with my blog...Infact I had neither!! But I so appreciate all of your comments. and will try and get you all answered tonight! I have stuff to post tomorrow...thanks again ya all!!