Monday, August 10, 2009


I have really never loved or even enjoyed cooking. Of course when my children were home I made very balanced meals every day, but now that my kids are all grown, I get to do what I don't love..and that's not cook. Soooo, who cooks, my hubby of course! Cooking is actually very therapeutic for! And he's a gourmet cook at that. Now mind you we don't eat gourmet every night, because he sometimes has late or dinner meetings. So what's a girl to do..well there's always tuna fish and we do live on an avocado ranch...believe me I'm not starving....Anyway after my mother died (she had alzheimer's and lived with us)we sold our large home and decided to downsize. I loved everything about this house (newer home with antique doors and windows from England, hardwood floors, lots of charm...) BUT I didn't love love the kitchen...BUT hubby did. The cobalt blue threw me off a little (my last kitchen was white, of course) Now that we've been here about 6 1/2 years, the blue is actually fun and a nice break from all my white. I wanted to of course paint the cabinets white...then I got the "Who's kitchen is this anyway" "Back away from the kitchen!" (grin) The oil painting was another birthday gift (a number of years ago) from my husband. When we first moved back to Carlsbad, Calif. from Arizona we rented a home for about 1 year. Long enough for me to love living by the ocean. Then we purchased a home in the country and I was very sad to leave the beach, so hubby had a local artist paint the famous Carlsbad Inn as a present to me. That's it. That's my story for off to do more painting and repairing for the next show at Matildas on Aug 22, 23, 24. If you get a chance you can read the wonderful article that Today's Vintage Living did on at Have a great day! Gosh I am so sorry..that first pic is so blurry...well whatda ya want , steady hand or steady mind...A photographer I am not...guess I still have a few things to learn HA!


common ground said...

I always love hearing everyone's "history". I'm like you, cooking is not my strong suite. I do however love to eat. Great that your husband enjoys the cooking. Nice partnership! Your oil painting is wonderful!

trash talk said...

I'll take steady mind any day...if I could get one!
I don't like to cook either...isn't that what restaurants were created for? Thank goodness C.D. will eat whatever I throw out there and believe me I can come up with some doozies!
I love your painting. You have gotten some of the best presents...lucky girl!