Tuesday, December 29, 2009


A few weeks ago a friend and I went up to Orange Co. CA to a wonderful shop in downtown Orange Circle, called Country Roads. Earlier, we had the pleasure of speaking with Tim the owner of THE BLUE CANOE. He told us he was now in this antique store, Country Roads and we should go and check out his space. All I can say is WOW! This guy is so amazing with how and what he puts together. He does all the vignetting. He and his wife, Lisa sell at a great flea market up in Northern Ca. monthly..but here at this great shop is where you can see his artful displays daily. (Clara and Marcella I know you are also in this shop, but couldn't find your space and they were so slammed at the front desk I couldn't get anyone to help...so sorry!! We'll go again and I find out where you are first!!) I thought this would be a great display of white for Kathleen's White Wednesday. You can check out others who are participating here. I hope you all have a great day!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


I'm so excited...we're leaving in a couple hours for our daughter Amy's home in Bird Rock. We will be celebrating Christmas with Amy, Paulo (her hubby) and their two children, Tabatha and Adric. Our son David and his wife Linda along with new baby Brooklyn will also join us. Sadly our daughter Heather and her hubby Shawn and their two kids, Savannah and Holly can not make it, but we will travel to Arizona after Christmas to celebrate with them. We will attend midnight Mass at the local church to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Bob and I will be spending the night with Amy and Paulo so we can wake up with the children and see what Santa has brought them...Children absolutely make Christmas morning so magical. We will walk to the small town to see a live nativity and then off to a friends for an open house. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful tight family!

My hope for you all is that you have a very blessed Christmas and enjoy a peaceful and wonderful time, whatever you are doing!


Saturday, December 19, 2009


About 6 months ago I clicked on the button on Debbie of Talking Trash's blog and read what she had wonderfully written about how to honor our fellow women while working in this business . I honestly was taken back on how right on the nose she hit some of my very feelings...none so prevalent as I am feeling about number four today. I know many of you can understand, to have your most precious creation copied and blatantly published on a blog is such a slap in ones face...Aren't there enough ideas out there that all of us can put our own twist on old and new ideas without stealing exactly someone's original one. And by one who poses as a friend at that. I consider that the lowest!

I realize that this is a side that I never show, but I am so sadden that this has happened that I felt compelled to ask Debbie if I could use her resolutions and publish them again on my site.

1. I resolve to always have my sisters-in-business back at all times. If she needs something and I have it to share, it's hers. This may be in setting up, tearing down or just an itch. If she needs an extra two hands, she's got them. This also means I will not use said back as a launching pad. You will never find my footprints on your favorite tee.
2. I resolve to never talk about someone behind their back. If I have a gripe or complaint, I'll take it to the source. I'll risk a b---h slap for honesty. I also resolve to try and avoid those who like to stir you-know-what!
3. I resolve never to question someone else's taste. We're all different and that's what makes us each unique. If you love it, I love it for you, even if it is dog butt ugly to me. Always!
4. I resolve never to borrow someone else's idea without permission and when I do I further resolve to give credit where credit is due. This is a big one but there is just way too much stealing (let's just call it what it is) out there and it has got to stop.
5. I resolve to share ideas, tips, locales, recipes, love advice, sources and just about anything you can think of to help you stay in business. I do draw the line at Cat Daddy unless you really, really need him then we'll negotiate.
6. I resolve to listen when you need someone to listen. I'll even let you whine and have a little pity party if necessary. Heck, I'll whine with you.
7. I resolve to never repeat anything you tell me if you tell me not to. This one is very important. Everyone needs to let off steam now and then and one needs to know it's not going to come back and bite one on the butt.

Thank you Debbie for allowing me to republish you resolutions and I will for ever try to uphold the pledge of being a JWL Club member!!

P.S. If anyone wants a original Wizard's Tattered Elegance you can find it on this site and no other! Thanks gals for allowing me to vent!!
Rebecca over at Rebecca for Vintage living is celebrating her birthday and is have a giveaway for the next 7 days until Jesus' birthday. Go on over and check out the beauty she is giving away!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Picture this...Friday morning this is the last barn sale of the season and my stress level was there...believe me. The night before at ten I am ON MY KNEES upholstering two chairs, only to run out of gimp...so at 7 Friday morning I am running (30 minutes each way, by the way) to Walmart to get the last on the roll of gimp that I need....get home work on the chairs...OH NOOOOOOOOOOO! I am still short by 12 inches...I have to make one of those executive decisions that I hate...put the chairs in anyway and pray that my customers will understand that I will finish up the arm for whom ever decides that they love the chairs enough to buy them!...So, I get the chairs in, take a breath and realize that my lights haven't all been plugged in, so I am ON MY KNEES, again, plugging in my lights. Well, I guess I didn't realize that it was exactly 10 o'clock and the doors always open promptly at 10...so there I am with my customers coming in and I am ON MY KNEES! But that's okay cause they are the best customers and I am here for their entertainment...BUT the final thing that put me ON MY KNEES was one of my fellow bloggers...I met her through White Wednesday, Suzan of oldgreymare. She came all the way from Las Vegas Nevada area to shop at the barn and to meet me!! What a wonderful person and she even brought me a present!! This darling little bag that says joy on it and it is filled with Christmas clipping and then a bar of her goats milk soap!! Isn't that the best! I was so taken back, thank you again Suzan!! Then the gals from Coronado came up they have a store called the Attic. I met them through Heather Bullard when she was at the barn last month. Unfortunately it was so crazy that I didn't get to spend any time with them, but I want to thank you for coming!! Then Lori from Vignettes came, what a special gal she is! I always enjoy my visits with her!! I tell you, I am blessed and was truly brought to my knees with thank fullness and gratitude for such wonderful people in my life...Now

Come...sit back and take a peek at the pictures I took of my space.....I hope you enjoy!!I see I have a picture not rotated correctly...have fun standing on your head! Lol

This month I have added a few new items to my line of linens...The first is a table drape for those wonderfully ugly plastic utilitarian banquet tables. They drape to the floor and are rather like a slip cover for the table...great for serving buffet style Christmas dinners...so perhaps for those flea market sellers...hmmm. The next two pictures are of the Christmas tree skirts. I also made Table runners..oops no good pics, sorry.

Once again my pillows were a sell out. I am so humbled beyond belief that I can't express my gratitude enough to my wonderful customers that have purchased and encourage me to keep on sewin'! And to you, all of my blogger friends, a couple of months ago you all encouraged me to put my pillows in the shop...I really am thankful that you all gave me such kind and wonderful support. You make my heart sing with your every comment!

These are a few of the necklaces I made this month. They're on a cardboard backing covered with sheet music and I sewed a piece of vintage lace on each and then punched a hole in the top and laced with ribbon so that they could be hung on a tree as an ornament or given as a gift.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Boy, am I a baaaaad blogger! I am so knee deep in getting ready for our final show of the year that I can't seem to catch up enough to even get on the computer!! It started with me going on a wonderful buying trip in Phoenix with my daughter...and I had...(notice I said had)... loads of pictures to show you of the super great stores we went to and then my computer (or was it me ??, na) lost all the pics...
Now, once again I am in my panic mode as the show is this Friday and I'm still doing projects and should be decorating...woe is me!!
Just please know that I miss you all and I miss seeing and reading the wonderful posts you all do. I am going to try and post some pictures of our last show of the year later in the week...and then I'll have a wonderful 6-7 week break..to catch up on all you good little bloggers....yipee!!
My Best you