Sunday, December 13, 2009


Picture this...Friday morning this is the last barn sale of the season and my stress level was there...believe me. The night before at ten I am ON MY KNEES upholstering two chairs, only to run out of at 7 Friday morning I am running (30 minutes each way, by the way) to Walmart to get the last on the roll of gimp that I need....get home work on the chairs...OH NOOOOOOOOOOO! I am still short by 12 inches...I have to make one of those executive decisions that I hate...put the chairs in anyway and pray that my customers will understand that I will finish up the arm for whom ever decides that they love the chairs enough to buy them!...So, I get the chairs in, take a breath and realize that my lights haven't all been plugged in, so I am ON MY KNEES, again, plugging in my lights. Well, I guess I didn't realize that it was exactly 10 o'clock and the doors always open promptly at there I am with my customers coming in and I am ON MY KNEES! But that's okay cause they are the best customers and I am here for their entertainment...BUT the final thing that put me ON MY KNEES was one of my fellow bloggers...I met her through White Wednesday, Suzan of oldgreymare. She came all the way from Las Vegas Nevada area to shop at the barn and to meet me!! What a wonderful person and she even brought me a present!! This darling little bag that says joy on it and it is filled with Christmas clipping and then a bar of her goats milk soap!! Isn't that the best! I was so taken back, thank you again Suzan!! Then the gals from Coronado came up they have a store called the Attic. I met them through Heather Bullard when she was at the barn last month. Unfortunately it was so crazy that I didn't get to spend any time with them, but I want to thank you for coming!! Then Lori from Vignettes came, what a special gal she is! I always enjoy my visits with her!! I tell you, I am blessed and was truly brought to my knees with thank fullness and gratitude for such wonderful people in my life...Now

Come...sit back and take a peek at the pictures I took of my space.....I hope you enjoy!!I see I have a picture not rotated correctly...have fun standing on your head! Lol

This month I have added a few new items to my line of linens...The first is a table drape for those wonderfully ugly plastic utilitarian banquet tables. They drape to the floor and are rather like a slip cover for the table...great for serving buffet style Christmas perhaps for those flea market sellers...hmmm. The next two pictures are of the Christmas tree skirts. I also made Table runners..oops no good pics, sorry.

Once again my pillows were a sell out. I am so humbled beyond belief that I can't express my gratitude enough to my wonderful customers that have purchased and encourage me to keep on sewin'! And to you, all of my blogger friends, a couple of months ago you all encouraged me to put my pillows in the shop...I really am thankful that you all gave me such kind and wonderful support. You make my heart sing with your every comment!

These are a few of the necklaces I made this month. They're on a cardboard backing covered with sheet music and I sewed a piece of vintage lace on each and then punched a hole in the top and laced with ribbon so that they could be hung on a tree as an ornament or given as a gift.


donna said...

I can see why your pilows are so successful...they are gorgeous!
I love how you mix the different textures and the touches of glam...Oh so yummy!
this precious bag that you recieved as a gift is also incredible!
Always so many wonderful things to see when I stop by!
Have a great week...donna

Rebecca said...

Hi Gale
Everything looks fabulous! So glad your Christmas season is going well...your pillows are wonderful also

June said...

Oh Gale, I am so blown away by the beauty of your pillows. Suzan told me that they were gorgeous in person. Your whole space is Heavenly. I'm so happy to hear that you were able to meet some of our blogging buds. What a scream that would be! You have worked so hard and I'm glad that it was a success!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hey Gale I'd stand on my head for you any time! Your space is just gorgeous, as always you just outdo yourself over and over. The pillows, the necklaces (oh my gosh, they're wonderful) and the tree skirts! It's all just beautiful. Glad you're back we've missed you!

Tattered Goods said...

Well you are quite the lil bizzy one... I love the tree skirts and the pillows are tattered elegance. I will try to be getting myself to the Barn for your next sale. I am very close only living in Murrieta, however, I have a tight schedule and fell in love the one and only time I have been :) I hope you have a great week.


trash talk said...

Believe me, I stood on my head to get a good look at that gorgeous headboard...I want one so bad! Everything as usual is gorgeous...wish I was next door. It could have been could have been on your knees with your skirt over your head!
P.S. You truly are blessed, both with friends and talent, my dear!

Sandi said...

Hi Gale,
Boy do I wish I lived closer to you and your show. Everything is just gorgeous! I love your pillows and yes I stood on my head to see your other shot. lol It was worth it !!!

Tracey said...

Hi Gale! I can certainly see why your pillows were a sell out...they are gorgeous! OMG I love them!! You really have so much talent! Oh, and that chair is fabulous too! I'm so glad it was a big success for you...

:) T

Anne~fiona and twig said...

Oh my, those are some absolutely stunning pillows! You are truly blessed with a God-given talent!

Jodie LeJeune said...

Hello Miss Busy Bee!!!!
Your blog title had my mind in the gutter for a moment haha!!! You are sooo funny.
Your space is much eye candy to look at! I wish I could have been there...but my pocket book thanks me. I would have had one hell of a Christmas to myself! :)
everything vintage

ps...yes I agree...KEEP SEWING!!!!! Beautiful!

LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

Girl...send me your mailing address! You are the winner for one of the giveaways! LaurieAnna

Laura said...

Love your pillows and your tags with jewelry! Wonderful ideas and I'm jealous of your sewing talents! Take care, Laura

Anonymous said...


Rita said...

Love it Gale, miss seen you and I wish you and Famiglia a Merry Christmas. Ciao Rita mammabellarte