Saturday, December 19, 2009


About 6 months ago I clicked on the button on Debbie of Talking Trash's blog and read what she had wonderfully written about how to honor our fellow women while working in this business . I honestly was taken back on how right on the nose she hit some of my very feelings...none so prevalent as I am feeling about number four today. I know many of you can understand, to have your most precious creation copied and blatantly published on a blog is such a slap in ones face...Aren't there enough ideas out there that all of us can put our own twist on old and new ideas without stealing exactly someone's original one. And by one who poses as a friend at that. I consider that the lowest!

I realize that this is a side that I never show, but I am so sadden that this has happened that I felt compelled to ask Debbie if I could use her resolutions and publish them again on my site.

1. I resolve to always have my sisters-in-business back at all times. If she needs something and I have it to share, it's hers. This may be in setting up, tearing down or just an itch. If she needs an extra two hands, she's got them. This also means I will not use said back as a launching pad. You will never find my footprints on your favorite tee.
2. I resolve to never talk about someone behind their back. If I have a gripe or complaint, I'll take it to the source. I'll risk a b---h slap for honesty. I also resolve to try and avoid those who like to stir you-know-what!
3. I resolve never to question someone else's taste. We're all different and that's what makes us each unique. If you love it, I love it for you, even if it is dog butt ugly to me. Always!
4. I resolve never to borrow someone else's idea without permission and when I do I further resolve to give credit where credit is due. This is a big one but there is just way too much stealing (let's just call it what it is) out there and it has got to stop.
5. I resolve to share ideas, tips, locales, recipes, love advice, sources and just about anything you can think of to help you stay in business. I do draw the line at Cat Daddy unless you really, really need him then we'll negotiate.
6. I resolve to listen when you need someone to listen. I'll even let you whine and have a little pity party if necessary. Heck, I'll whine with you.
7. I resolve to never repeat anything you tell me if you tell me not to. This one is very important. Everyone needs to let off steam now and then and one needs to know it's not going to come back and bite one on the butt.

Thank you Debbie for allowing me to republish you resolutions and I will for ever try to uphold the pledge of being a JWL Club member!!

P.S. If anyone wants a original Wizard's Tattered Elegance you can find it on this site and no other! Thanks gals for allowing me to vent!!
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Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hi Gale, I'm so sorry that this happened to you, especially at Christmas, but thank you for re-publishing Debbie's list. It's something we all need to remember. You're an original!
Merry Christmas

Sandi said...

Hi Gale,
So sorry about your problem. Sure wish there was a way to not have that happen. :(

On a lighter note... MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family!!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

That really sucks!! So not fair!!!!!!!! Sorry it happened to you, Gale. You were very classy not mentioning the trespasser...I would had been a little meaner!!!

Tracey said...

Hi Gale! Well that's just plain crummy...and wrong!!! So sorry you have to even go thru dealing with that! I kind of know how you feel though...I found some of my pictures (from my home) copied onto someone elses's blog with no mention that they weren't that person's or credit that they were mine...I would gladly share any of my pictures or ideas with anyone, but it sure would have been nice if she would've asked me first!

Not that I'm justifying what the person did to you, but it does go to show that you have a lot of creativity that someone wants to copy you...I know I think you are so talented :)

I hope you have a blessed and joyous Christmas!!!

:) T

Lisa Loria said...

Oh, I soooo understand what you are going through. I have a little "Rant" on my blog under "copyright" about this very subject. My gal friend from another blog sent me to yours to read this post and told better here is my rant from my blog:

As Artists we all work very hard at what we do, often for very little financial gain. We make art because we LOVE it and it is what we NEED to do to express ourselves.
Personally I work even harder at formulating and executing original concepts and designs.
An artist without original concept, is not an artist at all, they are a copycat.
Please respect this by not copying or reproducing my designs and other artists for that matter. At least you can ask first if you do...or I'll hunt you down...LOL, Just kidding.
Well, maybe not!

Regards for a Merry Christmas and a COPYCAT free New Year!!
Lisa Loria

Wizard of Was said...

Gals, I so appreciate each and every comment and email that you all have taken time (especially now with Christmas upon us)..You comment have certainly helped to pick up my spirits. I know it sounds dumb, but this really took the wind out of my sails (not I will over come...but @#$#@@#$**&!! it any way!! MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!

Jodie LeJeune said...

Oh Gale, you will always be a beautiful ORIGINAL to EVERY way that matters!!!
I'm so sorry to hear that someone has upset you by imitation. Even though it is the highest form of flattery, it's still wrong. Maybe on the bright side {if there is any}, think of it as you have inspired someone else out there as your work is so beautiful. I know that it's just wrong to copy but some people just don't have a brain and whatever they "think" they create, it will NEVER be a Tattered Elegance Original.
I wanted to pop in and wish you a Merry Christmas...hoping the best for you during the holidays. But I'm not leaving without thanking you for all of your visits and sweet are such a blessing to me!
everything vintage