Tuesday, December 29, 2009


A few weeks ago a friend and I went up to Orange Co. CA to a wonderful shop in downtown Orange Circle, called Country Roads. Earlier, we had the pleasure of speaking with Tim the owner of THE BLUE CANOE. He told us he was now in this antique store, Country Roads and we should go and check out his space. All I can say is WOW! This guy is so amazing with how and what he puts together. He does all the vignetting. He and his wife, Lisa sell at a great flea market up in Northern Ca. monthly..but here at this great shop is where you can see his artful displays daily. (Clara and Marcella I know you are also in this shop, but couldn't find your space and they were so slammed at the front desk I couldn't get anyone to help...so sorry!! We'll go again and I find out where you are first!!) I thought this would be a great display of white for Kathleen's White Wednesday. You can check out others who are participating here. I hope you all have a great day!


trash talk said...

What a small world we live in! Country Roads is owned by Sue whose blog is "Just Practicing Random Acts Of Kindness" on my sidebar. Tim and Lisa are not only customers of ours at Zapp, but friends as well. Are they not the coolest? You can spot Tim a mile away. He has the best mojo for spotting trends before anyone else and Lisa's art is just gorgeous! One of these days I really want to get out there and visit with Sue, Tim, Lisa and Gloria. They are all such nice folks...in fact I think Sue has some of the best dealers around!
Thanks for giving me some of their eye candy to look at.
P.S. You know they are planning a huge sale on Super Bowl Sunday there, don't you?

June said...

Ah Gale...this is what white Wed. is all about. Awesome white, chippy goodness. You don't see much of this in Idaho. Idaho is always way behind in the style department. We like to say 'give us 25 years and we'll catch up to y'all'.

Sandi said...

Gorgeous whites Gale! I am with June! Everyone around here is years behind in the decor department!! Although I do find a little shop now and then that isn't. Thank God for that! lol

Sue said...

Funny how the blogging world works. I found out about your blog this morning from Debbie in Texas. Small world. Thank you so very much for the kind words about Country Roads and the great pictures as well. I'm sorry we weren't able to help you locate Marcela's space. I never want our customers to leave the store not being able to find everything they are looking for. Hope to see you again soon.

Take care!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Well, I guess you have an excuse to come to CR!!! LOL, you were almost there, our space is very, very close to the BC...Sorry nobody was able to help you but I'm glad it was because they were busy! All the best to you and your family in 2010!!!

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

So Cool! I just put few things at Country Roads in my sister in law booth. I love Country Roads and Sue and her family is amazing. Marcela and Clara's space is adorable too. You should take a field trip together. Ciao and Happy New Year Rita

Faded Charm said...

Ooohh. Aaahhh. This is my kind of shopping and the chippier the better. Thanks for sharing and also for playing along with this theme. Looking forward to more in 2010.

Best wishes,


time worn interiors said...

I know Tim and his wife, I know Gloria Hill, also in Country Roads. Gloria is featured in the new Romatic Homes!

I first met Tim and his brother (and their wild hair) in Atlanta almost 8 years ago! I love his booth, he and wife have a great eye!

Happy New Year from our house to yours!

It' an Evolution said...

Wow is right...
I really need to get to California...you guys have the best junk :)
Have a wonderful New Years and here's a toast to 2010...for more great finds.

All my best

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Gail, I know this is an old post but I just had to say Tim has such great style. I hope you are well, Theresa