Saturday, January 30, 2010


I can't believe how quickly this week has passed...It's time for SILVER SUNDAY hosted by Beth of Gypsy Fish. You can see all the other participants by clicking here .

So here's the "SKINNY" (no, we're not talking about me :)) The "SKINNY" about my pictures for this week's Silver Sunday. The barn sale at Matildas Mouse started on Friday and it's be bloomin' crazy, so I decided to show you some of the different silver that is vignetted in the barn. I'm quite tired this evening so I am hoping you all will enjoy the pictures, without all my chatter (grin)
These gals are so very talented!

If you'd like to see more pictures from this month's barn sale you can click here and here. AND if you are unaware of my giveaway you can read about it here...and you don't have to be part of the One World One Heart blog party to enter!!
I hope you all have a wonderful peaceful Sunday!


Friday, January 29, 2010


Well, today was absolutely crazy…in a very good way.  Since it has been about 7 weeks for a sale at Matildas Mouse our customers were, shall we say “chompin’ at the bit” to see how the barn had been transformed from Christmas to Valentines! 

Now, I spoke with Matilda and I really, really tried to smooze her but, she says that I can show you some pictures of her favorite gal’s spaces, but as for Her space she really wants to show you those pictures ,which include some of her beautiful self, on her blog (a little later) and I don’t blame her! She’ll also show you pictures of the vignettes her “Mom and Dad” did .. very amazing !

So, here are some more pictures of my space and a couple of the other gals….For the gals that I am not showing tonight, sorry.  I was taking pictures with my phone ,camera issues again! There were way too many turned out blurry.  I’ll try and get some more tomorrow :)

So without further a-du …


An angel mannequin from Alexa’s space


A corner of Alexa’s area


A beautiful mirror and fabulous chairs in her area


This is such a great hutch in Margo’s area!  Look at all that display surface…


Wonderful French candles and soaps…..


Another view of my French chairs


A better shot of my bed with all the pillows (all SOLD, yipee!)





My “toilet display”…SOLD  A customer from Japan purchased it…In fact he purchased anything that was metal and industrial!  WOW was that fun!


That’s the pictures of the barn for tonight…more to come…Thank you for stopping by!



Just such a quick not this morning to thank everyone so much for the wonderful comments...I appreciate each and everyone so much! I am heading to the barn this morning for Matildas Mouse Barn Sale..our Valentine's event...So I will post some more pictures soon. Take Care and again THANK YOU!!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Well, at last, I’m here for the WHITE WEDNESDAY party, hosted by Kathleen of Faded Charm…wouldn’t this be so amazing if this fantastic party went for another 20 weeks…that would make it one full year…I ‘m rootin’ for that!!

Sorry if you came by earlier and I hadn’t posted….life ya know…Any way..let’s get my portion of the party going….

When I was at the barn I took a few shots of my area…it’s hard to get good photos at night because of all the chandeliers.., and I can only show you my area until after the show…then Katie bar the door cause I’ll show the rest of the fabulous vignettes at Matildas…


This is when you are coming into my space…not crystal clear, but again the chandeliers...


To the left I have a bed set up for all my pillows.  I found this to-die-for Victorian headboard…(Arizona) and it has cartouches of Cherubs on it…Perfect for our Valentine’s show…See the panels on each side of the bed…well, they’re old sugar sacks that I stitched together and added burlap on each end.  You could also use them as a table runner…


This is the cartouche in the center of the bed…it’s a really charmer!


A closer shot of the sugar panels…How fun!


Next to the bed …I got this older body form that was a foam of some I decopodged book pages on her…added some funky watch necklaces …


A vignette  with some of my ironstone


A close-up..clock parts, ironstone and burlap..I love this combo


In one of my corners I have my Tatter Elegance line of clothing I am introducing this month…See the bars that they are hanging from?  Well, those are two antique toilet brackets!!  This was my daughter’s idea.  I put a large piece of glass on top for vignetting and an old lamp rod to hang the cloths from.  Underneath I found an old laundry cart from a de-funked Military Base..which is perfect for some of my linens and pillowsIMG01389

Another view of the toilet closet..:)



I’ve had these candlestick lamps FOREVER and these old wire lampshades…so I made a slip cover for the shades and I think it transformed the whole lamp!


Because this is our Valentines Day show, I of course had to add some hearts and pink…Died some scrim added red and white porker chips and some sweet little soap roses all on a Victorian silver tray.  It set on top of a French style garden bistro set.


Hearts anyone?


Of course I had to add the romance of candles  on mercury glass candleholders


And a concrete angel engulfed in a sea of white feathers under a cloche


Another vignette.  See the linen book?  I took some old books that I had and covered them with linen and some of my tattered roses and embellished them with trinkets .


Well, that’s it for tonight.  I am working at the barn all day tomorrow, so will take some pictures during the day so I can share.  I am now going to head on over to all of you that are participating in White Wednesday!  Hope you all had a great day!



Hi everyone...If you checking see if I am doing White Wednesday...YES! I am, BUT can't do the post until after I am finished with watching my little if you want to see some of my WHITES at the barn for this month please come back and pay me a visit later today...As always I love it when you visit and let me know!! I will also be visiting you all this evening...hope you understand :)...You can head on over to Kathleen's blog for everyone that is participating in WHITE WEDNESDAY here. Have a great day and hope to see you later!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


My balancing act continues….  Since I am watching baby Brooklyn now 3 days a week , I have to be so much more disciplined…not as much junking…..which means re-purposing many of my items and lots and lots of you guessed it…. sewing. 

I’ll be going to the barn this evening to try and finish up most of the major decorating, so that Wednesday evening and Thursday I can do all my “tweaking”.  The barn sale at Matildas Mouse starts Friday morning…gates open at 9:30 and barn doors fly open at 10:00 sharp!!

When I was on my trip to Arizona…the one where we had to rent the trailer to bring back all my know the one that I don’t bring up to the hubby often.. ha ha…

Well, I have this wonderful little shop where I get the most fabulous fabric.  As a matter of fact BALLARD DESIGNS carries this and the other fabric that I bought(pst , a little..secret, so you can’t tell….I pay just a tiny tiny fraction of BD price) so of course I had to buy a bolt of each…

This sweet ottoman I purchased in Arizona…you know the 1980’s moiré’ kind.  I painted the legs….


and made a slipcover for it


The fabric is a heavy linen and the pattern is a French script


So what else can I put this great fabric on….


How about these sweet French chairs…(Arizona trailer riders….)


So I added some charming little ballerina ties


Here’s a close-up before the ties were added..I think the ties ground it a little, don’t you?


A fun little pocket pillow


And two more pillows……….


Holy cow!   I still have so much fabric left that I find myself eyeing everything to see if I can give it a “do”….

I think I am so OCD that I am exhausting everyone in the house…..Including…..


Daisy, our 15 year old Golden, and chubby Mattie (the red baby) and Momma Kitty our Farrell (but,not so Farrell anymore) cat.  Night, night babies..hummm maybe I can “re-do”their bed??…OCD I tell ya!! ha ha

I’ll take some pictures for White Wednesday and some glimpses of the Valentine’s show for all of you.  Hope you’re having a great week so far!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Flying high , because I have a ticket to ride on the Magic Flying Carpet and the ONE WORLD ONE HEART 4th annual blogging PARR-T-Y, hosted by Lisa at A Whimsical Bohemian. Lisa has worked really hard to organize this party…she has gotten in her past One World One Heart parties over 900 participants from all over the world!! What a fantastic way to meet new blogging friends!! My giveback is open to all my blogging friends and new blogging friends!!


Most of the gals participating are also doing a giveaway….sooooooooooo…This will be my FIRST, yes FIRST GIVEBACK!

I am close to 100 followers and 100 posts,…. thank you so much for each and every word of encouragement you have provided me in the past months, through you wonderful comments and emails. I appreciate the encouragement more that you will ever know!!

So lets count, that makes two givebacks, one for the # of blog followers, one for the # of posts, and one for the OWOH blog party…that makes THREE givebacks!

Here’s how I would like to GIVEBACK:

1. There will be ONE giveaback EACH week for the next THREE weeks(winners will be announced on my blog Feb. 15th (that's OWOH rules baby).

2. If you leave a comment each week I will enter you ONCE for each giveback.

3. If you become a follower I will enter you TWO more times for each giveback that remains

4. If you tell a friend and they mention you sent them, and you are already a follower, I will enter them ONCE and you TWICE for the referral for that week's giveback.

5. If you mention my giveaway and put my button on your sidebar I will enter you TWICE for each giveaway remaining!!

Whew! Confusing? I really hope not...I justed wanted to giveback plenty of chances to win and hopefully you'll want one of my pillows...if not I'll have a lot of pillows to soak up all my tears!!


Each week I will give away one of my Tattered Elegance Pillows…The winner will have their choice of which one they would like. They are all down-filled and most are 18 inch square. I will notify the winners on my blog when ONE WORLD ONE HEART blog party is done (that’s the rules kiddos)on the 15th of February All the winner needs to do is send me an email of where I can ship the pillow… That’s it!

Here is a selection of my pillows(you can click to enlarge)

FYI, I'll be posting more pictures of the pillows in the days to come so you can see the full line









I hope you enjoyed this sampling and that you’ll be inspired to become a follower and then please head on over to the ONE WORLD ONE HEART site (a button is on my side-bar) for more inspiration…Have a great week! And if you'd like to see more picture of the barn sale that I do every month at Matildas Mouse you can click here