Friday, January 29, 2010


Well, today was absolutely crazy…in a very good way.  Since it has been about 7 weeks for a sale at Matildas Mouse our customers were, shall we say “chompin’ at the bit” to see how the barn had been transformed from Christmas to Valentines! 

Now, I spoke with Matilda and I really, really tried to smooze her but, she says that I can show you some pictures of her favorite gal’s spaces, but as for Her space she really wants to show you those pictures ,which include some of her beautiful self, on her blog (a little later) and I don’t blame her! She’ll also show you pictures of the vignettes her “Mom and Dad” did .. very amazing !

So, here are some more pictures of my space and a couple of the other gals….For the gals that I am not showing tonight, sorry.  I was taking pictures with my phone ,camera issues again! There were way too many turned out blurry.  I’ll try and get some more tomorrow :)

So without further a-du …


An angel mannequin from Alexa’s space


A corner of Alexa’s area


A beautiful mirror and fabulous chairs in her area


This is such a great hutch in Margo’s area!  Look at all that display surface…


Wonderful French candles and soaps…..


Another view of my French chairs


A better shot of my bed with all the pillows (all SOLD, yipee!)





My “toilet display”…SOLD  A customer from Japan purchased it…In fact he purchased anything that was metal and industrial!  WOW was that fun!


That’s the pictures of the barn for tonight…more to come…Thank you for stopping by!



sweetpea said...

first off, love the header. the pics from the barn are so fab~~you'll have a great sale for sure.



Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Gale, it looks fab! I'm destined to not attend your show...This was the perfect month (since the Maison is not going on in January)and on Thursday my Daughter came home from school sick. I spent the whole day yesterday here at home with her...So sorry I missed it again but I have to be a Mom first!! I'm so glad to hear that was busy and that you sold all the can you not?? They are 2DIE4!
Love, Marcela

chicroses said...

Just discovered you blog...I love all your things that you have for sale. I have a space at an antique store and paint roses on anything that needs sprucing up..Just wanted to say Hi! Now to go back and see more...sally