Thursday, August 27, 2009


There's nothing like a day of shopping in some of my local haunts to get my junkin' juices going after an exhausting show!! I had a great day and here are some of my most recent treasures. I also got two fabulous pillars 9 and 7 ft, but they're already at home at the barn. I found a darling little glass door's red but with a new coat of paint...probably white I will love it even more! The chandelier was a steal at 75% off! There are a few crystals missing, but I never let that bother me. I love this white German bowl...I usually find the ones with flowers on them. I love how this one is plain. The white dishes are from England.. They have such sweet embossed roses around the parimeter. And the chair! Oh I really love this chair all white and rusty. I am so tempted to find a place in my wait I suppose to be shopping for the next Matilda's show (Sept 18,19,20) . Hope all of you are having success finding treasures. Have a great day!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Do you think if I wish hard enough and blink twice I'll magically appear there? I wish oh how I wish. I love all things you've found. Have a great Friday, T

Debra@CommonGround said...

The little chair would be a keeper for me, at least for a while...and the white dishes and all those little restaurant them!

June said...

I do love that sweet white chair!!! It's a keeper for sure.

The Green Pea said...

Keep the white chair for sure!!Have a nice weekend. Sandi

Junk Exchange said...

love the garden chair!! troy

Rebecca said...

Hello and thank you so much for a most gracious comment.
Love your finds - that little chair is a keeper and love the pottery