Sunday, April 18, 2010

Swing into Spring

   Since I am not quite ready to show pictures of  the great treasurers we all got in Texas ( most of them are being vignetted for this month’s  Matilda’s Mouse show on April 23,24,25)  I thought I would get back into the “swing” of blogging by sharing some pictures from our March Spring show that I was able to recover from my computer. 


I just love using old statues in my decorating.  This one was an especially sweet one.


Another great old statue/lamp.  See the “lamp shade”?  It’s actually an old square wire basket from a store, huh?


I found and old iron crib and used it as a day bed for displaying some of my pillows.  See the cream colored one in front in the center  left?  Well, it was from a vintage wedding gown!


This is the vanity I brought back from my trip to Phoenix.  I slip covered and older ottoman with a new French Script fabric (this one is cream with brown scripting) On the ottoman is another cream colored pillow that I made from a 1920’s wedding dress.  The ruffles on it were just amazing!


I had fun with this great old double-pained window…but boy was it a chore to get up on that table!!


These old screen doors are a favorite of mine.  I got them from an old estate in La Jolla.  On this old park bench are a few pillows from my Spring line.


Nothing better that Johnnie Jump-ups in and old whiteware dish for Spring decorating!

Well, that’s about it for now, but stay tuned as I will be taking some pictures at the barn and posting what I can in the next few days.  Happy Sunday!



Miss Gracie's House said...

Welcome back! I'm coming back to see more of your pretties...

Sheila said...

Hi Gale,
By chance are those screens still available or are they props? I hope to get to Matilda's have only been once :)


sweetpea said...

Gail, I so loved meeting you in Texas. Hope to see you again soon.



Six in One Hand said...

It was sooo awesome to finally meet you!!!!

Your vignettes are amazing and I am in love with those pillows!!

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

Hi Gail, Hope to see you next friday. I might feel a little sick Thursday night. LOL Have a great day.Julian

Debby said...

Gorgeous post, so many beautiful things.

Lesley said...

Very creative! Sad about the 1920s wedding gown though - being relegated to a cushion!! Love the pink ring box at the front- if that's what it is.