Sunday, July 19, 2009

Since I am going to show white on White Wednesday , I decided to show you today some of the darker pieces of furniture that I have intermingled with all my white pieces in my house. These breakfronts are two of my most favorite pieces. The darker fancier Victorian piece is next to my master bathroom. I keep towels and linens in the cupboard below and sea shells and bottles on top. The other breakfront is in my living room. It is a more primitive walnut piece. I love the chunkiness of it. The spaniel sits on the floor next to this piece. More statues..hmm maybe I have a little obsession here, ya think?


trash talk said...

Good gosh a rover but you have some beautiful things.
You know, when you go through what we went through during Feb. and March it kind of puts things into perspective as to what is worth getting my knickers in a knot over! You know what I mean. I just figure it is what it is and go on.

common ground said...

I am totally in love with that huge dark piece that you use for your linens. It is GORGEOUS!
I have more dark furniture than white, but I love both.