Monday, July 13, 2009


Sunday morning we were off to the ROSE BOWL in Pasadena, CA. High on adrenaline we drove for two hours along with thousands of other anxious buyers. Accordingly we decided not to go early as most vendors aren't set up until 9:00 a.m. (according to the web site...bunk! ) That's another part of this story. Any whoo, Once we got inside the gates and figured where all the goodies were, we soon realized that it was getting hot, oh my gosh, so hot, NO,I mean ,oh, my gosh ,oh, my gosh really really HOT! No kiddin' that black top probably reached 130 degrees! And get this they were sold out of the heck does that happen?!! But do not dis pare, being the die-hard shoppers we are, we did bring our own really really big jugs of ice water, so we forged on and walla,... scored! We power shopped for three hours in that heat, but the hard part of course was going back and picking up everything and then loading it...oops.. then re-loading it cause that darn piece that we thought would fit, of course didn't. It wouldn't have been so bad...but that heat, WOW! Any way next time, we'll consider going in with all those early birds, cause we found out that when it is hot out all the vendors are set up early, really and learn. I know, I know we live only two hours away and you're saying why aren't they seasoned Rose Bowlers....We'll the truth of the matter is it has been a couple of years since I have been there, but we're all usually traveling in so many different directions in this great land of ours buying and the timing of the show at Matildas Mouse usually is way too close for us to use that as our primary shopping there you have it. We did have fun and when time allows, we'll be back 'ol Rose Bowl...I did take some pictures, but not nearly what I thought I would. It was just too darn hot!!

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trash talk said...

A. Consider yourself signed up as a guest at the baby shower!
B. I wanna go to the Rose Bowl...although not in that kind of heat. Call me in the fall! LOL