Friday, July 17, 2009

Retreat for My Guests

Today I am posting some more pictures of my smaller guest room. The room has a retreat feel to least that what my guests always say. From the window you see out to our pond and oak trees. It is really quite calming. I have a love for old religious statues. This room has a number of St. Theresa's in it. When I post my other rooms you will see more in each room. My oldest grand daughter, Savannah's Saint for her first Communion was St. Theresa. My next oldest granddaughter, Holly for her first Communion chose St. Anne, and my youngest granddaughter (youngest until October, that is) Tabatha is very connected with Our Lady of Fatima. Tabatha and her mom and dad traveled to Our Lady of Fatima when she was 2. The hand under the cloche is a form that has the glove from my third great aunt's wedding (in 1868) along with a pin that she wore on her headpiece. It means alot to me that I am blessed to be a caretaker of so many of my family's heirlooms. I do hope you enjoy my home, I do so love it.


common ground said...

Your bedroom is so cozy and serene with the draping, I could just curl up for a nap. Very pretty.


I just love the way the bed is snuggled up against the wall and then draped. Very inviting.... Maggie