Monday, May 10, 2010


Since we knew that Bob was going to be out of town for Mother’s Day, we decided to sneak off one day during the week and celebrate us…our 41 years of marriage and the blessings of our three wonderful children and 6 grandchildren.

What, we thought, could be a better way to celebrate than to go where it all started for Bob’s family…Old Town San Diego.

For those of you who know me, my other passion besides junkin is my genealogy…I love love love it!!

After my Mother passed away in 1999, I took over her thirty year passion…I have to say I am hooked!

Up until about 3 years ago we knew virtually nothing about Bob’s Mother’s side of the family…only his grandmother’s maiden name and that she was raised in Old Town San Diego.

Well, with just that little bit of info, and a lot of hard work, I soon discovered the entire family’s history. His great great great great grandfather was actually one of the first settlers in Old Town and built the very first all wooden house.

So here is his history, right in our backyard……



This is the Catholic Church built in the early 1900’s, which replaced the failing church where his

great great grandparents

were married.


The famous Whaley House…some say it is haunted…


Couldn’t resist taking this one for you Jodie girl!


Most of the restaurants have women in the front making home-made tortillas…the smells are amazing!


Fred says “come on in and take a load off” So we did!


One of the original Mexican Restaurants in Old Town


It was such a beautiful day!


Now we’re talkin’!


This was certainly a bonus!!


Again, if you know me..then you know how I love going through cemeteries for my genealogy….This is a primitive monument for Bob’s great great great grandfather Julian Wilbur Ames and all of his children.


A close up……


This is a headstone for Bob’s great great



Not a lot of this in the cemetery. Most of it is pretty primitive and sadly not well kept.


So, while we celebrated my Mother’s Day early…For me it was so rewarding to see how happy and complete it made my dear hubby feel…now that he REALLY knows his history.

I hope each and every one of you have the opportunity to trace your history. It really is life altering!



Tattered Goods said...

Hi Gale... how exciting to know so much of your family history. I love Old town and the Old Town mexican Cafe is my all time FAVORITE mexican food :) It looks as though you had a great Mothers day, I hope your week is wonderful. I hope to make it to Matilda's this time around :)


Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

Hi Gale, Great post and info on Old Town. I luv San Diego but we havent eaten at the restruants there yet. Have a good day...Julian