Saturday, June 15, 2013


Please join us at Matilda’s Mouse Antiques June 21, 22,23 as we celebrate  the birthday  of AMERICA!!

It is such a wonderful show with an abundance of  vintage treasures from Paris to America in honor of Lady Liberty. 

statue and eiffel tower


***DID YOU KNOW….***

*The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France to the United States as a token of friendship.  It was designed and created  by Frederic Auguste  Barthodi June 17 1885.

statue making

*The head and torch of Statue of Liberty was  on display at the Paris World’s Fair. 

*Once the Statue was completed is was disassembled into 214 crates and shipped to the United States on June 17 1885.

statue of libery vict pic

*There was a problem in the states…the funding for the  base was dismissed by the  US government twice under Pres. Cleveland

*SO,  Joseph Pulitzer of the “WORLD” newspaper decided he would help raise the monies needed for the base of the Statue  of Liberty.  He helped raised $102,000. That being 120,000 contributors , most of which were under $1.00….School children donated pennies and there was no money what so ever donated by our government!

*The Statue of Liberty was finally dedicated Oct 28, 1886.

statue and boat

*The Statue of Liberty has been closed since Hurricane Sandy and will reopen this July 4th.

***Just interesting tid-bits… History class is now dismissed (grin)…***

Our show at Matilda’s is such a wonderful tribute not only to the Statue, America, but all things 4th of July!! So please join is June 21, 22, 23 from 10 to 5 daily!!

June Show 023




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