Sunday, February 3, 2013

“Le Haute Boheme”

Hi Friends!

Well, the gals at Matilda’s are in the process of  doing our “tear down” in the barn , in order to” set the stage” for our next event Feb. ,23,24, “Le Haute Boheme”!

What a “ kick” this show will be!  Wik1epedia describes Haute Boheme as high class Bohemians from France.  So, we’ll have a little French thrown in with a Gypsy/Bohemian feel to create this magnificent event for you!!

Do you have a touch of Gypsy/Boheme in you decorating…perhaps with color?…. Reds, pinks, aqua, turquoise, green, purple, and/or blue  ??  It’s a fun style, and quite  en vogue right now…check it out on Pinerest.  It’s everything from a more relaxed style of fashion, to adding a splash of great color to a monochromatic  room.

It seems everyone  is craving Spring and color…So join us at Matilda’s Feb. 22,23,24 and get your color on!!

haute boheme

See you soon!!



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Patty said...

Gale, have just stumbled onto your blog and see this great place called Mouses Barn ! OH! I guess it's in California with you, hmmm ? Darn. all the good things are some place else. sigh. I am going back to see if I can receive your blog via email. If so, I'm signing up!

Castroville texas