Wednesday, October 17, 2012



Dear Friends…

I did it!! I did It!!  I have to gloat just a little here, not just for me, but for my dear late Mother! 

You see, in 1967 when my parents nest was all off to school, married, etc., my Mom started doing the genealogy of our family tree. 

Now mind you this was back in the day when there were no computers, so all of her correspondence was snail mail, what patience!!

Her research became her passion and her drive.  Her drive was to one day put enough proven information together, so that she could become a member of Daughter’s of the American Revolution (DAR).

Sadly, she never got to celebrate that day, she passed away in 1999 with Alzheimer's .  While she was still aware, I promised that I would continue her dream.

So I’m thinkin’ I would look into the matter, solve things and that would be that….Little did I know that this passion would soon become mine!!

Soooo for 13 years I have passionately been doing our family tree.  Twenty thousand names later, I now have most of  mine and my husbands family tree complete. 

That being said, I took a leap of faith and joined the local DAR chapter to get my lineage verified…six months later I am an official DAR MEMBER…Yahoo!!  Papers arrived today!!

Now my precious children and grandchildren all can benefit either by becoming members, honorary members, or applying for scholarships………..



Thank you for giving me your passion and your love of family!


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Thanks for Listening!


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June said...

This is wonderful Gale! Such hard work and yet there is so much joy in doing it. I know your mother would be so proud of you!

I love genealogy. I'm a little stuck right now on my mom's line, but I know if I just keep hammering at it...I will make headway.
hugs from here...