Friday, June 4, 2010


A few months back

       I watched Oprah

There was a gentleman guest 

     telling how we all have

that sixth sense…our internal voice.

He was saying that we all need to

  learn to listen to that voice.


  Well, naturally I told myself

           That’s silly

         of course, I ALWAYS 

      listen to my little voices


Now, normally I try to post pictures

full of eye candy for you all

  I know that’s one reason why

           we all blog…

        to get inspiration 

But tonight

I am compelled to do a different

  take on what I normally post….

         It’s a story…

   A short story, I promise…

   A story about my voices……….

short stories

For quite sometime I have been

    joggling many “hats”, 

like many others who I know can

      certainly relate.

We operate our family business,

      and my business

       from our home. 

   I am a wife of 41 years,

   mother and grandmother. 

I watch my 7 month old grand

    daughter 3 days a week

        and in-between 

  try to do my part in putting

together a fantastic antique show


       Matildas Mouse

       once a month……….

over worked

    SO…needless to say

I am a crazy woman sometimes…

no that’s most of the time….

trying to find amazing things for

          the barn


    balance the home life.


For the past month I have been

     driving everywhere

        on my days off

   looking for those treasures…

     from Phoenix,to LA

to the South of me, in San Diego.

        And everyday,

  I hear the same voice saying

“You need to get your brakes


My answer..

”Yes, I know! I will, I will!!

  ..just one more place

      one more day

and I will take the time…


Well, I almost didn’t get that


Monday, I delivered  some of my

       finds to the barn

Was leaving to go down the Hill…

           yes HILL..

   Valley Center is in the Hills

       in San Diego County

No matter which direction you go…

       it’s down the HILL.

      I got about 100 yards 

          from the barn

    went to reach for my purse

         and it happened…

           NO BRAKES!!

      None, notha, nothing!!

   I was going only about 10 mph

           I did a “Uie”

   went straight back to the barn

   …then I really heard that

            same voice….


      ME NOW!


god talk

    OH yes, yes, I heard you!

Thank you for the grace given me.

  I will try to be a more humble


         and LISTEN…

     I know You always are 

        speaking to me…. 

     It’s so very easy

  to get caught up “junkin’ “

      But the truth is …

    well, the truth just is…

I pray that you all listen

    to your inner voice…

    It may be a matter of

       life and death…..

    My brakes are now fixed

       I certainly know

my angels were watching over me!!





stefanie said...

whew....glad you turned around!

Sheila said...

Hi Gale,
I love it when I really HEAR and I decide to really LISTEN to my little voice, the HOLY SPIRIT in me that is my voice. I am glad you shared this... because lately I have been feeling so lost and so non responsive to my little voice inside... with all my busyness, runnning a business and raising 3 little girls, trying to do everything the BEST. Thanks somuch for sharing your little voice :)


Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

Oh you poor thing. You must have been terrified. I am SO happy you are okay. This could have easily been a very different post. Yes, listen to that voice, always.

Gypsy Fish said...

Thank goodness your ok...I am so glad I read your post today....I'm running the same, grandbabies, barn market, jewelry design, poor neglected hubby, and full time necessary certainly gave me a wake up call to listen to my little voice...thanks to your little voice.

Unknown said...

...another small miracle brought to you by your Heavenly Maker!!
xo, Rosemary

Sandi said...

OH my goodness Gale! I am so glad that you are okay!! Yes most definitely keep listening to that inner voice. :)

clustres said...

Glad you are ok. We all need to listen...thanks for sharing!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

So happy that you are OK, Gail! Such a scary experience!!!!

Char said...

Yep, that's a lesson.....we all need to listen. I have always believed our inner voice is the most important of all. Happy Pink Saturday and so glad you are alright, Char

Unknown said...

Wow! HE was surely looking after you! I'm glad everything turned out alright! I enjoy your inspiring blog!

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Your story gave me the chills, how right you are! We have to slow down remove ourselves form the JUNK and listen!! My husband just did a overhaul on the underneath of my car last weekend. Rear brakes almost gone, two front busted struts... and this is a relatively new car that I just drive the crap out of junkin'! Take care, Hugs, Janna

Debra@CommonGround said...

GALE!!! So glad you're OK, and that it happened when it did. I know how easy it is to put things off even when we KNOW we need to do something! God is good, and He sure was looking out for you!
hugs and love,

June said...

Gale this post was so great girl!!! I loved that show by the way. The one about listening to our gut and inner voice. It is so true. God is trying to send his angels to help, but sometimes we think we can do it all by ourselves.
Does the Blue Canoe have a website or blog? I forgot to ask. They were so awesome and we had a nice chat. I have to tell you a funny story...I was walking by their space when I saw a mirror I just had to have. It was priced at $85 and I don't try to barter ever. So I told Tim that I wanted it and he said, I'm selling it to you for $65! This was at the beginning of the show and it would have easily sold for the $85 so I was surprised. I didn't have enough cash, so I told him I would be right back from the ATM. When I got there, he said to his wife with a smile. This women belongs to that mirror. She said she wouldn't pay a dime over $65.hehe
They had a rockin' space. Thay do it so right!!! I want to show it in my next WW so I would love to have a link for them and I forgot to ask.
Oh it is so good to hear from you Gale!

Mindy said...

Whew! I'm glad you are ok! And how good to hear from you today. Thanks for stopping by. I've been running hither and yon as well. But, today, I'm glad I heard your "voice"! ~Mindy

Miss Gracie's House said...

so thankful all is OK...I thought you were going to say the voices were telling to *stop* this madness:)...whew!...

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Okay Girl.
You totally had my attention there!
First off...thank God you are okay...what an inspiring post.
Secondly...what if I have MANY voices...who do I listen to? hahahahha just kidding!
Seriously girl, thanks for the tip and yes...we all really need to slow down, don't we? And Listen...and smell the roses!
Miss you. I hope you are out somewhere having fun :)

sweetpea said...

Wonderful post. It's so hard to stop doing doing doing sometimes, and if you are caring for a baby three days a week I know how busy you are. Thanks for sharing this message with us. And I'm glad you are ok.



Swoon with Deb Hodge said...

I am sooooo glad that you are OK!!!
XO Deb