Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Happy white Wednesday to all of you!! This great blog party is hosted by Kathleen of Faded Charm. You can see all the other gals participating in the party here .

Well, ya all wanted me to show you some of the items I purchased at the Rose Bowl Carnival Brocante, hosted by Heather Bullard. The unfortunate thing is this...everything I purchased sold (that's good), but the pictures of everything I purchased, either I forgot or didn't take a pic of (that's bad...slap my hands)

NOW for the really really good news. For those of you who don't know who Heather Bullard is (you can go to her site here)...she is the contributing editor for the new FLEA MARKET STYLE magazine and also a host of a number of other magazines. When we met her at ROSE BOWL Sunday the 7th, she asked about the barn sale at Matildas. On Friday, Heather arrived, camera in hand and took lots and lots of pictures! You can view some on her blog (here). What a wonderful person she is! Absolutely as genuine and friendly as they come!! We had a great morning with her in spite of the craziness! She took pictures before the barn opened and then that girl got to shop,shop, shop!!
This is the entrance to my space at Matildas and this is the Victorian bed that I showed in a post about two weeks ago. It is 7 feet high, and from 1860! (Yep, it sold). Believe me, there were some of those 1:00 a.m. nights that this bed looked mighty good!! It was quite the task to paint as I had to ladder it most of the time. In the back you can see some of my pillows and bedding.

Here is a picture of some of my "Tattered Elegance by the Wizard" pillows that I made for this show. I also made bedding, duvet, dust ruffles, and stockings...It's a sell out folks!! thanks to all of you who purchased my new line...They'll be more next month! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your overwhelming response!!

Sweet little French chair along with a silver fur throw for those long winter nights. That picture is of my Mom when she was eight....I added the glitter crown.

I even made some home-made crumb topped apple pies...Hey, I gal has to eat every so often!! Coffee right next to it...yum!

This is that Wolfe dress form that I also purchased a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't going to put it in, but then thought, heck, I'll just price it high...that didn't work...it sold! I little sad, but oh well..I'll just be on the hunt for another one!

Here is another view in my space. The chairs are the one I showed a couple of weeks ago. I actually got eight! Four were in perfect condition and the other had to be repaired and painted...white of course. they all sold...yippee! I purchased them from a gentleman who used to own a very exclusive rest home for wealthy women. In the early 1960's he commissioned a gentleman in the East to hand make this chairs...no nail, screws in any way. He paid $6,000. for 8 chairs!!! Needless to say I didn't even come close to paying that...not even!!

I love this cross against the open book, the lace and the bottle. Well that's it for today folks...hope you all enjoyed! Don't forget to check out all the other gals that are participating in White Wednesday. You can find the list over at Kathleen's blog here . Happy White Wednesday!! ( so sorry about this crazy formatting!! It's about to drive me crazy...way too tired to figure it out tonight, but you all will forgive me, right?...sides you just want the pics anywhoo...ha ha)


Debra @ Common Ground said...

Gale, your space is MAGIC! Everything is so beautiful. Now I'm going back and "biggify" all the photos. The bed is amazing! Thanks for taking the time to show these, and It's wonderful that you had such great sales!
Big Hugs,

June said...

Oh my gosh Gale, what an AMAZING space you created!!! Your pillows are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!! I am so thrilled that you had such a great sale. I can see why though, who could resist. It so nict to hear that Heather was there. She does seems to be such a dear.
And that bed...I'm speechless!

Miss Gracie's House said...

I *want* that bed! I love anything victorian painted white...everything is gorgeous...so glad you're getting in early on the linens...take care.

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

How can we not forgive you??? That was sick! (like my teenagers say!!!) Wonderful eye candy!!!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I am not asking for much! Really...I'm not! All I want is a trip to California so I can go to all these wonderful blog places I read about. Fabulous White Wednesday post. ~ :) Lynn

Tracey said...

Seriously AMAZING!!! That bed is incredible...and those pillows...well everything is...just stunning!!! How fun to get to meet Heather too :)

:) T

Linda said...

WOW~your booth is soooo pretty...looove that BED!!! Your pillows are outstanding...I see why you sold out!!! Happy Thanksgiving!


Jodie LeJeune said...

Gale...I am dying here!
I leave for a week and come back to all of this dreaminess! Overload I tell ya!
Your space is simply gorgeous...I'm totally speechless and not even surprised those items sold OUT! I love your taste. I'm thankful that I wasn't there for I would be totally broke!
Have a wonderful trip to your daughter's and I hope ya'll have lots of fun shopping shopping shopping!!! Don't buy anything that I wouldn't buy ;)
Be safe~
everything vintage

Candy said...

WOW!!! Loved looking at all your white wonderful goodies. What fun.
BTW I found the pic of me in the box...;-)