Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Since my last show at Matildas I feel I have been somewhat creatively challenged. While I absolutely love doing the shows, sometimes it just seems to take a lot out of me both physically and mentally. I am in the process of helping my husband move his offices to another location and in this heat...whew! After viewing so many wonderful blogs on WW I feel I am getting some of my juices going again. Kathleen at Faded Charm Cottage the host for White Wednesday, did a post on architectural elements in the! That made me so happy. I realized, because I think we all get "house blind" that I had some of these very elements that make me, here's to all you gals who helped me get over my slump...thank you!! I want to also say a very heartfelt thank you to Debi over a Talking Trash.
She did such a beautiful post last week and told viewers to visit my blog. (I had over 600 bloggers last week alone!) I so appreciate this women...she is a true supporter of her fellow bloggers and I consider a dear friend!

Above is an old window from a home in Pasadena Ca.

An old church window from Wisconsin

This is an architectural piece from an old Pharmacy in Idaho

This is a small pillar that I hung on a wall with a deco nude flower frog

This is a rain drain from France


The Faded Cottage said...

Hi Gale.
I'm loving those architectural elements in your home, get placement of each one!!! Are you still interested in doing Chippy Paint Fridays, just let me know and I'll a link to your post.
Sweets to you, Janice

Mary said...

I like your statment about being "house blind"...that is an excellent way to describe what I go through. Your windows are fantastic, and I love the drain from France! Are all of those things in your home? Just beautiful and unique...I love things that are different, yet traditional. Thanks for sharing them...and yes, Kathleen is great! Mary

common ground said...

Gayle, I just love your architectural pieces and the way you have them displayed. I had to go back to see that nude deco flower frog. OK, that's a first for me. ha ha. You have such gorgeous things!

Sandi said...

Loving your architectural pieces Gale! Thank you for sharing them with us.

June said...

Wow Gale, when you think that piece from the old pharmacy in Idaho needs to come back home, I'll definitely find a spot for it. Beautiful post. That is so exciting about all your visitors this week.

trash talk said...

I just got several of those drains to take to Warrenton. I love them!
Girl, you made me blush. Didn't see that one coming. You deserve to be "discovered" and that's what we each other!
P.S. Hope the traffic is continuing!

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Girl , love your pieces!! Hehehhe, the pharmacy one is spectacular!! Have a great weekend, Janna

Rebecca said...

Just love the architectural pieces you have they are wonderful and you use them so creatively. Love the drain from France, I haven't seen that before. Love it all Gale thanks for sharing

Barb said...

Beautiful white posts I've seen here.

thanks for coming by. pleased to meet you.

Barbara Jean

Anonymous said...

Wow,so niceeee!! Thanks for sharing!